Logitech Dual-Action USB Game Controller Review

The Logitech Dual-Action USB game controller provides a great bang for the buck. Cheap, portable, and customizable, this controller stands out from other wired PC controllers. It’s certainly not the most attractive device, but what it lacks in appearance, it gains in performance. Black or dark blue in color, this controller is shaped to almost ergonomic perfection for fitting in any gamer’s hands, and won’t fall out due to the nice rubber grips lining the outer sides of the controller. The layout of the controller uses the polished layout of the PlayStation 2-style controllers that almost every gamer has grown used to.

This controller doesn’t connect through the old, giant joystick ports, but instead through USB 2.0, so there is no noticeable lag between a button being pressed and the assigned command being executed in-game, so you don’t have to worry about getting killed while you’re waiting for your character to shoot, and you are guaranteed to have a port for the controller, since all computers now have USB ports. The USB cable from the controller is just long enough that you don’t have to worry about pulling it out of your PC while playing, but not too long to have extra slack to catch on corners or chair legs.

For most games, you need to have Logitech’s lightweight “WingMan” program running for the games to recognize the controller. This program has excellent options for various game profiles and support for multiple controllers. The program even auto-detects a large amount of games and assigns the default controller layout for you! If you wish to assign your own control scheme, you have a few options to go about doing it, you just have to figure out what works best for you.

In many newer PC video games, the game’s native Xbox 360 controller support will pick up on the Logitech Dual Action USB controller and not even require configuration at all, which is very convenient. For those that do require button configuration and/or the Logitech WingMan software, there are only a few steps you must take to configure the controller for the desired game and get started playing!

Overall, this controller is comfortable, reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable. This controller is perfect for any PC gamer with console roots or any console gamer that wants to try out PC gaming, but has trouble adapting to the mouse and keyboard format. Most PC controllers that are more expensive don’t even compare to the Logitech Dual-Action USB controller, so why waste the money?

New Video Game Controller For Your Thought

A company called NeuroSky is developing a new type of video game controller. NeuroSky partnering with game giants such as SEGA to develop a line of toys and video games controlled by thought. They are developing an application that will sense your mood planned for release this year. NeuroSky is in talks with mobile phone and gaming companies to license its technology, with a goal to build game controllers for less than $100.

Say Goodbye to the Wii

NeuroSky is one of two companies that presently have mind control game controllers. A joystick is a controller for computer systems, video games, machinery or educational simulations. Rather than your brain telling your muscles to move a game controller, your brain moves the controller by itself. You will be able to play video games without worrying about tripping over the wire on the controller.

SEGA and NeuroSky will be stealing the spotlight from the Wii. Compared to what SEGA is working on with NeuroSky, the Wii is crap. They’re working on playing video games with your thoughts. SEGA and NeuroSky’s customers and partners include game peripherals makers and game developers. With the Wii Blaster introduction, expect new video games that take advantage of gaming peripherals to mushroom out of game studios in the near future.

Say Hello to Thought Controllers

Hot Video Games that read your mind invade your living rooms this year, thanks to SEGA and NeuroSky controllers. They teamed up to make “Mind Controlled tech Toys and acquired technology originally developed in Russia — for a heads-up communication display control in a car, or for a video game controller. NeuroSky makes a headset that measures brainwaves, for video games. NeuroSky and SEGA developed an application that senses the gamer’s mood and adjusts the game. It’s similar to technology pioneered and abandoned by Atari, in 1983. Playing a martial arts video game, you can kick or punch opponent without a joystick or mouse.

NeuroSky is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, USA, and developed ThinkGear that uses signals from the brain, and eye movement. NeuroSky is developing some consumer technology that will lead to some intense game control for you in the near future. Their game controllers should appear on the market this year.

Information on Logitech Game Controllers

Logitech controllers can be termed as the latest gaming technology. This type of gaming technology helps to experience various games in a unique and true fashion. This type of gaming technology can provide a real life experience. It is a superior choice compared to the old fashioned past time controllers. There are various types of video controllers that are presented in the marketplace. The currently available controllers are aptly suited for specific types of game. Cordless Rumble pad 2 with vibration feedback is a multipurpose computer game regulator that is presented. The associated benefit with this type of controller is that it is compatible with both Macs and PCs. It is a specific type of wireless regulator. It boasts of a battery life of over one hundred hours. This device is built with a double vibration system. The unique vibration system helps to experience the real life bangs and jolts of the game. The cost of this rumble pad unit cost in the range of forty dollars.

One of the exciting game controllers ever produced is known as the feedback racing wheel. It features an authentic looking steering wheel. This unique gaming unit is built with programmable buttons that help to hold effective control over the game. This playing unit has features like paddle shifter, brake pedals and real gas. This specific type of game can be used only with the PC. The cost of this playing unit is nearly one hundred dollars. Saitek Cyborg wireless PC flight stick is a well known gaming technology that is presented. This video controller is built with a wireless feature that helps one to enjoy the game from a distant favorite location. It requires a single battery unit. One can play the game for fifty hours per day. This video game unit is compatible with Vista and windows operating system. The cost of this gaming unit is seventy five dollars.

Where to Find Game Controllers

Anyone who’s played games for sometime knows that a game is effectively nothing without a game controller. Without a game controller, the game cannot be played. You are pretty much left there staring at the screen. Probably one of the most frustrating experiences that a games player can have is when he/she’s controller is not functioning correctly. If you have any game controllers that are not operating as well as they used to, then maybe it’s time you made a change. It’s important that you know where to look to find the best controllers at the most affordable prices.

The price of a game controller can fluctuate a great deal, from relatively cheap to very expensive, people are usually able to tolerate this reality because they are avid games players. However, it’s important that you know places where you can go and pick up a game controller in case of an emergency.

There are a number of manufacturers out there that are producing more refined game controllers, these days. Steering wheels that come with foot pedals are designed to give the user a more authentic feeling of driving making them perfect for all your favourite racing titles. There are also controllers in the shape of handlebars that are designed to simulate the feeling of driving a motorcycle; these devices are perfect for motocross games. There are also joysticks with force feedback capabilities, developed to emulate real flying when used with top aviation titles. Drums, guitars and other controllers in the style of instruments give the user the feeling of playing a real musical instrument. The different types of game controllers that are available to buy are rapidly growing with the variety of games that are being sold on the market today.

One of the best places that you can pick up a game controller for relatively cheap is at a computer exchange store. This is probably the best place to pick up one for cheap if you’re in a hurry. However, it’s important that you realise that all of these controllers are second hand, so you are paying for something that someone else has already used. Despite this reality, it’s better than paying full price for the same gamepad. At a computer exchange store, you could probably pick up a gamepad at 50% off its original retail price.

If you’re interested in buying a control pad online, then I suggest you check out SaleHoo or eBay. They are the best sites for finding excellent gamepads at bargain prices.

Game Controller – Stimulating the Hand Technology

A Game controller is an input device that is used to control video games.

They are connected to either a video game console or a computer and is installed to govern the movements or the actions of an entity in the game. The example of a game controller is not confined to joysticks but even keyboard and mouse can serve the purpose of being a game controller.

There are various types of game controller available in the electronic hardware market. Some of the most common ones are game pad, paddle, joysticks, steering wheel for driving games, light gun for shooting games, motion sensing and others. Some devices, such as keyboards and mice, are actually generic input devices and their use is not strictly limited to that of a game controller.

Due to the technological advancements in the electronic markets, these game controllers have become obsolete, thus forcing the game controller manufacturers to bring some more effective and convenient game controlling devices in the markets. A Wii video game console that allows one to enjoy any game directly using their hands on the screen. This device unifies a new ZCam, a 3D camera that plugs directly into a PC. The Zcam works by emitting short infrared rays pulses and then measure the reflection of the objects. The sophisticated software algorithms present do the job or interpreting these reflections in a manner that the system is capable of judging distance and secernate between various objects and also someone’s hands.

Due to the fact that it is entirely dependent on reflection of the light from the camera, it does require ambient light to work, thus allowing the camera to work efficiently in a dark room as well. This technology has the ability to be autonomously applied to existing software. This software can key on in the hands of the gamer, even between the fingers and can run various applications based on what that person does with their head, hands, fingers, or torso.

This software has its focus for now on video games and how the ZCam technology could make a dent in the traditional interface market.

This product is very much similar to Sony’s eye toy, but the eye toy works in 2D only, therefore limiting their effectiveness for games like boxing only. The limitation of 2D is that it only can detect motion when it’s to the side. It cannot detect motion when the background is yourself.” With the benefit of applications beyond the video game, this technologically advanced product can be applied to one’s existing product.Following the footsteps of Nintendo’s motion-sensitive Wiimote controller for its Wii video game console, that became a success all over the world, this Zcam 3D camera also aims to move the technology genre forward even further.

The Latest Logitech Game Controllers

Logitech game controllers are at the cutting edge of gaming technology and they allow you to experience different games in very unique fashions. You can actually get a true to life experience while using an interactive video game controller as opposed to the standard and old fashioned video game controllers where all you can do is press buttons.

Types of Logitech Video Game Controllers

There are Logitech video game controllers for all sorts of games. Here are some of the most popular and most widely used for a variety of gaming systems:

o Saitek X52 Flight Control System: The Saitek X52 Fight Control System comes complete with two separate pieces, the stick and the throttle. With additional buttons on each, you can completely ignore your keyboard as you play your favorite aviation game on the PC. The X52 features a progressive throttle with tension adjustment and the Flight Control System comes with Multi Function Display ability, so you can quickly check how you programmed the commands. The Saitek X52 also has illuminated lights so no matter what time it is, you can enjoy your favorite games. The Saitek X52 Flight Control System retails for approximately $100-$150 and is compatible with PC operating systems, including Windows Vista.

o Saitek Cyborg Evo Wireless PC Flight Stick – PS30: This all in one joystick is wireless so you can sit in your favorite spot and still have all of the control you need to perform at your best. With just one AA battery you can enjoy 50 hours of game play, and with a 30 meter range, you can play from anywhere you want and you’ll never lose your signal in the heat of battle. The Cyborg Evo is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista and can be purchased in the range of $75.

o Cordless Rumblepad 2 with Vibration Feedback: This is one of the best all purpose video game controllers for your computer gaming and is functional with both PCs and Macs. This wireless controller has a battery life of over 100 hours and has a duel vibration system that allows you to really feel all the jolts and bangs of the game you’re playing, whether you’re shooting a gun or snowboarding down a mountain. The Cordless Rumblepad 2 sells for about $40 and as mentioned works with both the PC and the Mac, leaving the door wide open to keep on gaming if you have different types of computers at different locations or ever decide to switch.

The PlayStation and Its Game Controller

If you’re someone who’s into games systems, then I guess it’s pretty safe to say that you’ve heard about the PlayStation Portable, a device that is designed for handheld gaming. This gaming device was designed and developed by Sony. The latest gaming system from Sony Computers however is the PlayStation 3.

With the PlayStation 3 you can play games and send audio messages to friends and teammates over the internet. The PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a next generation gaming console equipped with the latest technology. The control pad that you get when you purchase one of these devices is specifically designed for online gaming. The way in which these game controls are designed, makes it easy for the user to handle and feel the full immersion of the game.

The PS3 game controller comes with 6 sense multidirectional technology, four thumb sized triggers, which are used for accelerating during racing games and firing during first person shooters, and a 8-way direction pad. These game controllers are designed for both comfort and accuracy. Anyone playing a game on PS3 can easily get caught up in the experience. The PS3 has become a past time for all age groups.

In addition to the numerous other attributes of the PS3 controller, these game pads are also wireless enabled, allowing you to connect these devices to any PS3 console that’s within its wireless radius.

Moreover, there are a number of games available on the PlayStation 3 console that allows you to play up to seven players. Most of the time these are sport titles with limited game play. However, it’s easy to see how such titles can be made more exciting when you have up to seven players around one gaming machine.

The plug and play attribute of the PS3 game controller is another feature that you should consider. This feature allows the controller to work with your gaming console with little to now hassle, helping to enhance your overall gaming experience on the console.

If you decide to go out there and purchase a PS3, it’s important that you check the gamepad to make sure it’s genuine. This can be done by identifying the branding.

Today, there’s a wide catalogue of games on the PS3 that you can play with the PS3 game controller; games such as Street Fighter and Tekken. If the PS3 is something that interests you, then might want to consider purchasing one.

Game Controller – Control and Strategies Your Options

Electronic games are bringing new revolution in the world of gaming consoles as well as their technology also. The young people are the main target consumers of such gaming consoles. They always seem to hunt the upgraded electronic games that comes every now and then in the market. These are innovative gaming process as it enriches the gaming skills of the kids.

Ranging from adventure to mystery, racing to fairy tale every kind of game is available for the children. These electronic games attract the children the most because they use enhanced graphics; the animations of these games are exciting and many more such striking features. The interactive feature of these games enthrals the children throughout the gaming process. These games can be played individually and also along with many people. The interactivity feature of these games enables the children to develop skillful strategy as well as their interactiveness.

The first electronic game was known as Spacewars and its code was PDP-1. This game was launched in 1962 since then these types of interactive games have traveled a long way. You do not require any technical knowledge to enjoy these games. All you have to do is open the computer, go to the program option, then the accessories and the game option. Select the games you would prefer to play and then easily switch to your enthralling process.

The gaming controllers come your way to facilitate you throughout the process. These controllers control the speed of your games and operate according to your instructions. You can defeat your opponents and the bad guys of the game with these excellent game controllers. These electronic are more exciting as they come in audio visual format. The fabulous images of these interactive games keep you gripped throughout the process.

Computers are no longer used only for official purposes but children also indulge themselves to play interactive games. They are the must have item of any household these days. Enhancements in technology have simplified the various activities of our life. Children no longer have to wander around the game parlours to enjoy their favourite adventurous and exciting games. They can now simply install their favourite games in their personal computers and enjoy playing them with their friends. Various exciting games are always launched to lure the children’s. They in turn also clamour for the upgraded versions of their preferred games.

The computer games are usually also designed to help the users relax and enjoy without even leaving their office chambers. With the technology being enhanced at a fast pace computer games are now regarded as the alternate entertainment option. These interactive games are no longer the addiction of the kids but they are also successfully attracting the grown ups too. The high speed of internet again enables the users to download their favourite adventurous and exciting games quickly. As such these electronic games have now become an addiction for the children as well as the children’s.

There are various brands of PC game controllers available in the market these days. You can easily avail them by doing online shopping. They would also enable you to enquire their features and compare their prices with various other available brands. Various online websites would provide you the information regarding your requirements. You can also avail certain benefits by shopping online. To lure the consumers they come up with various exciting gifts and offers that you would surely like the shopping process.

The unique feature of online shopping is that it permits you to chat with your friends while shopping. This interactive feature would never let you get bore during the whole process.

Computer game controller would help you to synthesise all the options of your preferred games. Game controller for PC nowadays comes in enhanced forms that would enthral throughout the process. These innovative games would enable your children to develop their skills and their strategies.

The USB Game Controller And Future Advancements In This Area

The face of gaming has changed much, not only in the last decade, but even in just a year or two. It wasn’t so long ago, that we were sitting near our Televisions, hard wired to our gaming devices via our controllers. We waited many years for companies to release with wireless controllers which weren’t a bulky, clunky generic rip off, we desired the real deal.

We finally got it, and before we knew it, we were being sold controllers that you had to basically move or point at the screen! The technology seemed to surpass the needs of the customer, and now was waiting on consumers to catch up. The PC game controller always seemed to be highly advanced in the mid 90s and early 2000s, but it always had to be pushing itself with titles such as flight simulators and the likes.

The USB game controller was always perfect and simple to program to work on any game you wanted, but somehow always came across as a job just for nerds. PC gaming controllers required to step back a bit, and think about home consoles for a bit of help. It is only when this happened that games began to flourish in general range of gaming. Suddenly Xbox controllers that can be used with PC’s made gaming a lot more appealing and open to the mass gaming universe.

Suddenly everybody is playing FIFA Soccer or NFL Madden on non specific gaming machines worldwide. And it didn’t just work one way, with the help of non specific gaming machines, home consoles became Web ready and utilized the power of internet gaming, the once extremely guarded trick of the PC was now changing the landscape of casual gaming forever.

Who knows what the next a couple of years will bring? Will the computer companies overcome user desires and needs yet again? Will it be totally free of controllers – gaming like the new Xbox Kinetic system or will we’ve chips in our brains and simply close our eyes & watch as the game unfolds in our minds? Who knows, but one thing is certain, thrilling times lie ahead of us!

Finding a good USB game controller [http://www.usbgamecontroller.org] is not always easy. Visit [http://www.usbgamecontroller.org] for more information

Video Game Controllers

Video Game controllers have advanced tremendously over the years to keep up with spectacular abilities of new games on the market. Serious and novice gamers alike know that to fully enjoy all the capabilities of newer games, it takes a controller that can handle all the functions available in a game. In fact, certain types of game controllers are better for certain types of games and often gamers will have more than one controller on hand so that they can experience the best of what a game has to offer.

No doubt playing a computer game with a keyboard is slow and quite frankly, it lacks the thrill of using a game controller. Why? There is a big difference between pounding on keys and holding a controller in your hands pushing buttons. Even the most common styles of multipurpose game controllers that you hold with both hands add a degree of lifelike simulation to playing. Keyboards do not give you that feeling because you are not holding it, you are merely hitting keys.

Many of the two handed multipurpose controllers are shaped like an upside down “U” and you clutch each end with one hand. Holding the controls in this manner produces a feeling of being more in control of your actual game interaction; more as if you are actually navigating your way through a game’s scenery. These types of game controllers can be used with nearly any PC game.

Of course with any type of technological equipment there are always “basic” and “pro” versions with a wide range of models in-between. The buttons on the common multipurpose game controller pads will change actions according to what game you are playing–meaning that a button used to release bombs in one game may be used to jump in another. Some of the more elaborate models include extra buttons on the device that allow for user programing of extra functions in some games (provided the game also allows a few “hotkeys” to be input by the user).

Though you can use most basic PC game controllers to play most games, there is good reason to buy the best game pad you can with the money you have to spend. This is one time when skimping on a device is not a good idea. The more functionality you have with a controller, the more likely it is that it will keep up with new games being produced that require and rely on more and more controller ability to completely enjoy all the satisfying features of a game.

Many manufactures are producing more refined game controllers these days. Steering wheels and foot pedal sets that give the feeling of driving a car are excellent for all racing and off-roading types of games. Handlebars that simulate the feel of a motorcycle, the throttle and even sometimes a clutch and brake are great for motocross games. There are flight sets with joy sticks and aviation gauges that emulate real flying. Guitar, drums and other musical style game controls give the feel of playing real musical instruments. The variety of game controllers available is growing at a steady pace with the variety of magnificent games being sold on today’s market.

Beyond having something to hold that feels like the real deal, there are also controllers that react to motions such as body motions swaying back and forth. In fact, there are even some game controller chairs that actually will move with the terrain of the game giving as realistic a playing experience as technology can produce at this time.

If you’re wanting to fully enjoy all of your game’s high quality graphics and sounds, it’s also important to have a good video card and sound system. These items will make all of your computing more enjoyable. Video cards will enhance the graphics in all your programs and the sound systems with greatly improve music and videos you listen to as well as the sound effects of any program you use.

If you don’t have a game pad, it’s best to start out with a common multipurpose game controller that is as advanced as you can afford. This way you can enjoy all your games with it and know that it will still work well for you as new games come out. It’s actually a smart investment to buy a good PC game controller. For one thing it saves wear and tear on your keyboard and for another it will allow you to gain the maximum enjoyment from your games. Thus giving you ultimate pleasure and relaxation which is definitely beneficial to your health.