Xbox 360 Game Downloads

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Xbox is a video game console from Microsoft that was designed to compete with Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s GameCube. Introduced in 2001 with a 733MHz Pentium III CPU, 5 x DVD drives and custom-designed graphics processor, the Xbox also includes four game controller ports, Ethernet networking and Internet connectivity.

Introduced in late 2005, the Xbox 360 dramatically increased the Xbox’s gaming power with a three-core 64-bit PowerPC CPU from IBM, each core running at 3.2GHz. Its ATI graphics card more than quadrupled rendering speed, and wireless networking was also added. An HD DVD drive is also an option (Source-
With this powerful Xbox predecessor, you can now play games with super rich detail and breathtaking graphics. There are wide varieties of games in the market for the new Xbox. Ranging from first person shooter games, role playing games to real time strategy games. If you’re lacking the budget to buy these new release games, there is always a second option. There are also sites that offer game downloads for a lesser price and even free for some sites.

To find these download site, you’ll just need to type free xbox 360 game downloads on your favorite search engine and you should have plenty of results. There are sites that will offer free download but at a low transfer rate. Meaning that you can download at a low speed and most of these sites are crawling with spywares and adwares so make sure that you have a good antivirus. The best option however doesn’t come for free, there are sites that require a one time membership fee and you can now then have unlimited downloads. Just choose the site with lowest one-time cost. Another option that you may come across with is the pay per download sites. It’s edge over the previous option? It offers a much faster download or bitrate.

Really want those free downloads? Well thankfully there is also another way to download free games and this is by using torrents. You can use uttorent software to download these torrents. Here’s a brief description of what a uttorent is:
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Dual Shock 3 Sixaxis: The Return Of The Rumble!

How important is your game controller? Would you say that the game is more important than the controller or that they are equally important? Hard-core PlayStation gamers will definitely agree that they are just as important because in order to enjoy a good game you need to be able to get a good grip of the action and have a feel of what’s going on while you play, if you had an unresponsive controller playing any PlayStation 3 game wouldn’t feel any different than playing a super Nintendo game.

Today we are going to review one of the most important accessories for any PlayStation 3 gamer, the controller. PlayStation has had two official controllers which work with the PS2 gaming console, the first one is a Logitech controller, a better version would be the dual shock 2 and the latest version is the dual shock 3 Sixaxis, let’s take a look at each one of them.

Logitech Controller

Even though this controller was bundled with several PlayStation units it is not the most convenient and comfortable controller to play with mostly due to the fact that you can’t get a solid grip on the body of the controller and joysticks, the buttons are not pressure sensitive and we can’t say too much about the vibration feature, overall the Logitech controller is pretty much the worse controller that has ever been bundled with a PlayStation unit.

The Dual shock 2

This controller features several dramatic improvements over the Logitech controller, the body is very sturdy and you can get a pretty good grip of this device while playing a game, the buttons are pressure sensitive and you can get full control of the joysticks which also act as buttons, overall this is a very solid game controller.

Enter the Dual Shock 3 Sixaxis – A Customized Gaming Peripheral

This new PlayStation controller takes all the great features from the dual shock 2 in order to make an even better controller. The dual shock 3 is a Bluetooth wireless controller which can be charged through a USB cable that is connected to the console, once it has reached full charge you can unplug it and enjoy all of its Bluetooth wireless gaming capabilities. This game controller uses a lithium-ion battery which makes the controller a bit thicker and heavier than the dual shock 2.

Another great feature shown in the dual shock 3 is that the R2 triggers have changed a bit and they now feel more like the triggers of an actual gun. When it comes to the vibration, the dual shock 3 is now able to distribute the intensity of the vibration according to the conditions of the game so if you’re being shot on the right side of your body (in the game of course) the right side of the controller will vibrate more than the left side and vice versa, if you have been playing with the dual shock 2 you know that such controller can’t simulate this experience.

The Sixaxis in the dual shock 3 can be thought of as a replacement of the D-Pad, this means that if you tilt the controller forward the game would react the same way as if you were to pressing the top arrow of the D-Pad, the same thing would happen if you were to tilt the controller left, right or backwards. Some gamers may feel that the Sixaxis feature will eventually replace the D-Pad. Overall the dual shock 3 is a very solid controller, it will feel good in your hands and will enhance your PlayStation gaming experience.

Dingoo A330 Game Console, A Totally New Portable Gaming Enjoy

At a glance look, you may consider this Dingoo A330 game console to be a clone PSP. In fact, this Dingoo A330 is a portable game console from a Chinese company called Dingoo. But this new product from Dingoo is more powerfull than the previous Dingoo A320. Besides offering a bigger PSP-like portable game console, it aslo comes with a wireless game controller called F-16 wireless game controller.

Comparing with Dingoo A320, new Dingoo A330 has a bigger LCD screen. But its appearance looks like a clone PSP, right? Etronixmart think that Dingoo may “copy” the idea from Sony, and offer game fans a bigger portable media player so that everyone will have a different enjoy on playing games. Let’s take a look at the appearance of Dingoo A320, and everyone will consider it as a clone of Nintendo DS Lite- or half of it. And this time, Dingoo turn their eyes to PSP. There is no doubt people will like this new A330′s because shape.

At the same time, Dingoo still did not forget to copy the Controller Design from PSP. See the Cross direction buttons �A, B, X, Y buttons? They have a softer hand feeling than A320. What is more, Dingoo A330 console create “Left/Right” shoulder buttons like the ones on PSP. This will definitly add more convenience when playing games.

The big creation of Dingoo A330 gaming console is that it brings gamere a wirelss game controller called F-16 wireless game controller. This is what PSP or Nintendo did not do when they released their own portable game console. Finally Dingoo did it this time. There is one Internal Wireless Receiver in the Dingoo A330. It is 2.4GHz Receiver Module, support 2.4GHz wireless controller. Once receiving singal from the console, you can play games via the wireless game controller. Peple who are not very satisfied with pressing button the the “tiny” A330 console will be very happy this time. What is more, A330 supports to plug to HDTV. This means that you should have a converter. After transform the singal from the console to TV, then you can play games via the wireless game controller. Everything is just like what you did on XBOX, PS3. We think this may be the real purpose why Dinggo release this F-16 game controller.