4 Strategies To Lose Your Boyfriend Easily

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With appropriate action and creation, the following manners will mess up and ruined any relationship between a man and a woman. Keep them in mind, they are really powerful weapons:
1. Lie. This is most useful and essential. In order to maximize terrible results, lie about something significant to him and pretend to be caught in the lie to give him the greatest shock. More points will be awarded if you keep the lie until discovery, which adds confusion and betrayal feeling. If your lie is about sex you will get twice points. Ingenious lies with cool rationalizations deserve gold stars. What you should do is just cheating on him again and again if it doesn’t work the first time.
2. Keep away from self-knowledge. This way is much more graceful than the No.1 Strategy. Capricious and complaining behavior has been discovered quite efficient in avoiding self-knowledge. Just force him to see your parents, hide his game controller and ask him to follow close to you 24/7. When you discover that what he could do every day is only staying with you rather than watching football or hanging out with other guys, congratulations, you are on your way! Moreover, combining this approach with strategy 3 and 4 will generate about 6 times more power.
3. Blame others around. When anything is wrong, they must be responsible for it, right? In this manner, the need for messy stuffs like negotiation will be easily eliminated. Try to discover something wrong with every single one around you and him and keep mentioning it at regular intervals. Meeting his friends is really a nice test to see whether you will fit into their life and is also a good opportunity to let him know that you are a poor fit for him by insulting guys around him.
4. Call Him Loser. OK, this is an upgrade version of strategy 3. What you should do is just keep telling him you don’t know what the hell the reason is that you are still with him, since there are a crowd of guys who are willing to give you double what he does. Make him believe that you are much better than him in any way and also remember to let him know that you feel ashamed because every friend of you has a better boyfriend than him. Meanwhile, continue the strategy 3 and call his friends pathetic losers.